About the Designer

Honolulu-born jewelry designer Stacey Lee did not set out for the life of an artist. Childhood hobbies like sewing and making jewelry hinted at what was to come later in life, but life took a detour to Silicon Valley where she focused on her career during the heyday of the Internet boom. All the while she continued to create jewelry on the side, filling orders for her designs during her off-time. An unexpected lull when the dot-com bubble burst proved to be a life changing moment. It was exactly the push she needed to follow her heart and return home to Hawaii and establish a start-up of her own.

Always seeking inspiration through life's experiences, Stacey has traversed the world, from the Crown Jewels collection in London to the gem district in Bangkok. Gemstones and pearls have since become her daily muse and zen-like hours are spent transforming them into reflections of her lush surroundings in the Pacific.

Stacey personally hand-selects all of her materials. When on a buying trip, she refuses to adhere to a game plan, instead preferring to keep her mind open and receptive to emerging fashion trends. This approach keeps her designs distinctive, but most importantly, it keeps her inspired. Each piece is uniquely handmade and no two are exactly alike. As her material supplies for some items are depleted, it makes way for a new generation of designs.

Stacey Lee Designs has become known for elegantly wearable jewelry - the perfect complement to the cosmopolitan style of the islands.